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Northern Lights cannabis seeds are of an immensely popular and famous strain. It is believed to have first
sprouted in Seattle, Washington. It was made famous as it was propagated by taste-makers in Holland from Sensi
Seeds from 1985 onward. This legendary Indica has ancestry in native Afghan landrace and Thai landrace strains.
Northern Lights is 95% Indica, and only 5% Sativa. So, it produces strong relaxation with little stimulation.
Northern Lights is a disease resistant, mold resistant, resilient plant. Its buds are full of powerful resins that form
crystal-like coatings. The plant produces brilliant green and deep purple hues. It has won the most awards worldwide of any marijuana strain. It is possibly the most in demand Indica.
Northern lights has a deep spice-like and saccharin flagrance. There is a hint of pine and an earthiness. The taste
is spicy, bitter, and citrusy.
The Northern Lights plant wears deep purple and green leaves with frosty, hairy resins, buds, and trichomes.
Growing Northern Lights pot is easy using some traditional gardening knowledge or an info guide found online.
This makes it a popular plant to produce. It will grow to a small to medium height and can be grown as an indoor
plant or an outdoor plant. Flower Power fertilizer can provide additional plant food for Northern Lights bud
Outdoor growers will need a sunny and moderately warm climate such as is typical of California. Avid gardeners
will enjoy the quality of the plant when carefully tended, but this plant grows well with less care than other strains.
It is small, compact, and resistant to mold and disease.
Northern Lights will take 6 to 8 weeks to flower, a relatively fast progression. Yield may approach 18 oz. per
square meter indoors. Outdoor yield may be 22 oz. per plant. Though yield is not to the extent of the highest
yielding strains like White Rhino, this is a very valuable and quality plant, one of the most sought-after strains in
history. What is lost in quantity is more than made up for in quality.
Northern Lights, like other strong Indicas is good for pain and insomnia. It has a strong relaxation, couchlock, and
numbing effect. This can relax the muscles in conditions like fibromyalgia or just general muscle tension from
stress. It can relieve low back pain, pain from arthritis, anxiety, nausea, and depression.

Northern Lights is great for lifting mood without causing too much stimulation and so may be useful in anxiety
and depression. It may therefore be especially useful for the treatment of OCD and anxiety disorders like
Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Social Anxiety Disorder.
Cancer patients fighting nausea and lack of appetite will appreciate Northern Lights’ anti-nausea and appetite
stimulating effects. This effect may also be useful in anorexia.

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Few strains come with as much widespread renown as Northern lights, inarguably one of the most
popular strains of all time. An inbred descendant of original Afghani landrace strains, Northern Lights is a
pure indica. THC levels can reach 16-21%, making this one of the most potent strains available on any
market. A couple hits is all it takes for most patient’s seeking this strain’s powerful body effects, an
upbeat mix of euphoria and physical relaxation. CBD levels are less clear, but they certainly aren’t high
enough to recommend this as a treatment for seizures or other conditions that respond to CBD. Even so,
Northern Lights is a highly useful medical strain, effective at treating anxiety, pain, and insomnia, as well
as lack of appetite. Cottonmouth is common, as are red eyes, while other negative effects are much more
limited. This strain has a sweet, earthy flavor with hints of citrus. Northern Lights is most popular on the
West Coast and in Colorado, but it’s a favorite pretty much everywhere else marijuana can be found.
The effects of Northern Lights are fast and strong. Just two hits are enough to be floored by instant
euphoria and a comfortable lazy numbness throughout the body. Northern Lights is nearly a pure
Indica. It is strong knock-over medicine. Lovers of Indicas revere this strain. It will give a lazy hazy break
after a long and hectic day. Northern Lights will melt away stress and rock you into a deep slumber.
This two-hit wonder will give you immediate couchlock as you melt into the sofa and will stimulate
appetite. This is great for those whose appetite is lost through illness or depression. It may also be
useful for those looking to gain or lose weight as it will make your chosen diet more palatable. For
example, if you feel you should eat a large salad in place of dinner but don’t find it appetizing, a few hits
of Northern Lights will have you digging in.
Some report that this very clean Indica heightens their thinking and creativity. It may be great for
creative projects such as art and music, or just philosophizing with friends.

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