Cinderella Jack (Pre-Roll Pack)


Quantity : 7 * 0.5g

Hybrid CBD: 0.03% THC: 18%-20%
Cinderella Jack is a unique strain grown in Ontario by Weed Me, a producer that is committed to small-batch hydroponic cultivation without the use of chemicals or pesticides. With seeds from Dutch Passion, Cinderella Jack is a THC predominant hybrid of Jack Herer (sativa), Cinderella 99 (high-THC hybrid) and Magnum, a ruderalis variety chosen for its auto-flowering properties. With THC levels that may be 20% or higher, we recommend starting with small quantities before consuming more.

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Cinderella Jack is produced not only for its high-THC potential, but also for its large yields. Pale green and yellow-flecked popcorn-shaped buds cluster densely together in thick colas, covered with sunset orange pistils (hairs) and snowy trichomes

Myrcene, the most abundant terpene in cannabis, is known for its earthy, fruity, musky aromatics. It is also the dominant terpene in Auto Cinderella Jack. Myrcene has been associated with a relaxed experience in the presence of THC. Pinene and caryophyllene contribute notes of citrus fruits and sweet spice, balanced with an herbal undertone. Limonene and humulene, present here in small quantities, add subtle complexity to its bright and fresh bouquet.


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