Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Essence


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An essence of fly agaric mushrooms (amanita muscaria) wild harvested in Washington, USA. A mushroom essence is made with the same methods and intention of flower essences, but instead of flowers, the fruiting body of the fungi is used and the essence is lunar-infused rather than solar-infused to be more in line with mushrooms’ associations with darkness and the underworld. An essence is a safe way to ingest this famous poisonous toadstool and work with its spirit and medicine. An essence is a significantly diluted water infusion used for folk magic and homeopathic healing and does not have physical effects. Essences are not tinctures or extracts. Please visit our tinctures shop section if that is what you are looking for.Buy Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Essence

Fly agaric mushroom essence is used for understanding microcosms and macrocosms when we are stuck in myopic views. It can help people emotionally recover from sexual abuse, emotional pain, rejection, and other insecurities. It can enhance creativity, self-expression, visual art, dance, music, poetry, writing and other valuable arts. Fly agaric can enhance our ability to connect with the sacred, the otherworld, the spirit world, nature, and the ancestors. It is a bridge between worlds. It is the World Tree as a mushroom.

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