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How to use a Dab Pen

If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy your herbs, a dab pen vaporizer could be just what you need. A very on-trend device, a dab pen offers a wealth of advantages over other methods.

With a dab pen, you vaporize rather than burn, allowing you to maximize every part of your herbs. However, as a slimline device, it’s much easier to slip into your pocket and more discreet to carry around.

A dab pen encloses all the vapor within so you’ll get the full experience with zero wastage. And with an easy on/off mechanism that’s quick to heat up, it’s convenient to use when the mood strikes.

Here’s what you need to know about using a dab pen.


What to use with a dab pen


When you use a dab pen, you don’t need fresh herbs to pack into a chamber. Also known as a wax pen by some, a dab pen vaporizes concentrates.

There’re different types of concentrates available such as shatter, sugar, and budder. In theory, any type of concentrate can be used with a dab pen but in general the softer the dab, the better the result.

This means that sauce, distillate, and budder tend to vaporize better in a pen than a harder concentrate such as shatter or crystalline.

Top Stone Projects Dab Pen
Top Stone Projects Dab Pen

An overview of a dab pen

Dab pens are produced by a variety of manufacturers and every model will have its own distinct features and quirks. However, overall, every dab pen works on the same basic premise.

It’s essential to understand how the various components of a dab pen fit together because you’ll need to take it apart to clean it, or change the battery.

The mouthpiece is removable and you’ll have to take this off every time you want to reach the chamber. The heating element and coil is located inside the chamber, as you might expect. The chamber is also known as the atomizer.

The battery provides the power and this is what increases the temperature, allowing the concentrate to vaporize. This temperature is precisely controlled because if it doesn’t get hot enough, no vapor will be produced but if it gets too high, the dab will just burn.

Getting ready for a hit

When you want to use the dab pen, you’ll need to get it loaded and ready. This can take a bit of practice at first as you’ll need to avoid touching the wax with your fingers. You’ll very quickly notice if the wax has been handled or touched as the flavor will be impaired.

Using a small tool known as a dabber – or a cocktail stick in an emergency – collect a small amount of concentrate and place it into the chamber. Get it close to the coil but try not to allow it to actually touch. Coils are extremely delicate and can easily be broken with even the lightest contact.

Fill the chamber up to around 3/4 full before you begin. Don’t be tempted to pack any more in or else you’ll risk it getting clogged up and wasted.

Unlike other types of vaporizers, with a dab pen, it’s essential to only load it up once you’re ready to start. If you put the dab pen back down, the liquid can leak out, wasting your concentrate.

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