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How to Roll the Perfect Backwoods Blunt with Glass Tip

After trying so many other blunt wraps and predominantly using Swisher Sweets cigarillos for so many years previously, I made the switch (as many people do) to rolling Backwoods. The switch to rolling with backwoods was ignited when I randomly picked up a pre-rolled glass tipped blunt from a dispensary for my ride to the Bay after realizing I had left my bag of weed at home. Up until then I never understood why people even bought pre-rolls. Did they all forget their weed too? It always seemed a little lazy to me and I preferred to roll my own knowing 100% that the weed inside it wasn’t from the bottom of the trim barrel. Forgetting my weed that day ended up being a small life-changing experience. As soon as I put the blunt to my lips and flicked the spark wheel of my ash stained Bic I immediately noticed a flood of new sensations that my brain, conditioned by the swisher sweets experience was not expecting. There was a soft, sweet almost creamy smell in the air as I inhaled, fusing with subtle notes of honey and tobacco on my lips followed by a rich, velvety and extremely satisfying exhale. I knew this was something I would enjoy for years to come.

If you’ve ever rolled a backwood the first thing you will notice is the moisture level. Unlike most other cigarillos, Backwoods retain their moisture in the packaging very well leading to not only a smoother smoke but an overall smoother blunt rolling experience. Did I mention that you can fit 3 sometimes 4+ grams in a backwood? Try doing that with a dry ass swisher. Rolling a blunt with a dry tobacco leaf is about as much fun as smiling with chapped lips, and with a solid line up of flavors like Honey Bourbon, Honey Berry and Russian Cream what’s not to love? So now that I’ve tasted the sweet, smooth almost luxurious backwood smoke, I was faced with a problem. How the fuck do you roll a Backwood?

How to Roll the Perfect Backwoods Blunt with Glass Tip

Sure anyone can roll a half-assed backwood blunt that’s floppy with weed falling out of the ends and a side running cherry…. but that’s not what I’m looking for.

How to Roll the Perfect Backwoods Blunt with Glass Tip

I wanted to know how to roll the perfect backwood and I wanted it to have the clean, classy and convenient glass tip just like the one I had bought. Not having anyone to teach me how to roll a Backwoods blunt I played around, rolled some shitty blunts and eventually managed to roll a nice tight blunt I would be proud to share with someone. To this day I still prefer rolling and smoking Backwoods over any other form of consumption so I wanted to share this tutorial featuring our friends over at RhiRollz on how to roll a perfect Backwoods Blunt with a glass tip. Don’t underestimate the glass tip! It’s 1 extra step but provides a much more satisfying smoke. Also, it helps prevent people from using your blunt to soak up what seems like all of their saliva….gross.

Pro Tip:

Put a drop of liquid terpenes on your nug before grinding it up. This will turn up the flavor of any weed and is especially helpful for those who don’t have access to quality herb. Terpenes for sale – here.

How to Roll the Perfect Backwoods Blunt with Glass Tip

Rhi Rollz Bio:

RhiRollz is a professional rolling service serving California Dispensaries & companies like Cali Kush Farms, Zkittlez, and Terp Hogz for over a decade. RhiRollz has also amassed a strong celebrity clientele which includes the likes of Mally Mall, Rick Ross and many more. By sourcing high-quality clean Cannabis from top brands in the industry RhiRollz is here to provide the perfect high with a perfect roll.

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